Student Gets Kidnapped While On A Zoom Lecture

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I’ve watched this no less than 100 times and I can’t stop laughing. First off, to plan this just to get out of a single regular old lecture is so funny. You don’t have to do anything but just listen to the guy speak. Pull out your phone, play angry birds or something. You don’t need to plan an entire taken situation.

And the best part by a mile is the teacher not caring a bit. Just a half smirk followed by a ‘did anyone see Tyler just get kidnapped?’ Just comedy gold. He barely even stopped because he knows bullshit when he sees it.

As I was looking at this thread, apparently this is now a thing and I couldn’t be more for it. Yes I know kidnapping is bad and you shouldn’t joke about it or whatever boring people say. But this is just funny, especially when they are wearing jabbawockeez masks.

Kids have to make the best of Zoom U some how. If that means pretending to kidnap your buddies for the entertainment of the entire class. So should it be done.

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