Edgerrin James Deserves His Own Wing In Canton

This is the greatest flex of all time. We’ve finally hit the pinnacle of flexes. Last week I said on a livestream that if I was ever inducted in a hall of fame or something like that I wouldn’t tell people, you either know me or you don’t. I don’t remember what sparked that comment but I mean meant it. Same with like doctors. Quick peak behind the curtain, I answer emails all day everyday and most people I’m emailing with are 50+. It always annoys me when they sign their name “Dr. John Smith” or “John Smith, MD” or any other variation you can think of. Same with reverends, like no one cares dude. This car has changed my mind.

Obviously, not every HOF could rock this. If either Manning’s pulled up in this I’m clowning them, I promise you I am. If Brady or Gronk pull up? Clowned. All day. This is just one of those things that some people can do and others can’t, the ultimate cool guy test is whether or not you can pull up in a blinged out HOF low rider. I mean I’m significantly cooler then Eli Manning but even I couldn’t roll up in this. Edge, obviously can do this but who else? TO comes to mind, Randy Moss of course. Cam Newton could but he wouldn’t, he’d for sure do some extra shit like sky dive into the ceremony, though. I feel like if Mahomes didn’t sound like a drugged Kermit the frog he could, not because he’s cool but because he’s filthy rich. Honestly, Mahomes is the least cool guy in the NFL but he’s going to own another team by the time he’s 30 so I can’t talk too much shit.

Wow, this blog really got away from me. Morale of the story. Edgerrin James, really cool.

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