D’Antoni To The Sixers Look Like A Major Possibility But Can It Work?

D’Antoni is the best coach that has been connected to the Sixers. Other than Ty Lue he has had the most success and with the right players I believe he could win the Finals but he won’t do that in Philly. Unless the Sixers are planning to completely overhaul the roster, which they should but not to this extreme, the styles just don’t match.

In my opinion the best strategy for this teams success has been the same for years and management refuse to take the necessary steps to make them a legit contender. Simmons and Embiid aren’t going anywhere and with Simmons outright refusal to shoot you need to surround them with nothing but elite shooters. They probably need another star but that feels like a pipe dream at this point so work with what you got.

Let Simmons run the offense. He will get his own points whether that is posting up smaller guards or being a one man fastbreak. He is one of the best passers in the league, let him drive and kick in the half court setting. Go small. Embiid and Simmons will be your size and rebounding. Embiid needs to park his ass in the post and develop his 18 footer, let him become the next KG. His three point shot isn’t there either and if he has 3 other shooters around him, like Simmons, his three won’t be as needed.

D’Antoni isn’t the right guy for the job even though he is the best guy. Billy Donovan might have been the best option but honestly I’m a lot lower on him then the national media seem to be. Ty Lue is a lame duck coach, I think he’s a good assistant but not ready to be a head coach. At least not now with this team, I just don’t give him much credit for the Cavs success and maybe I’m wrong for that.

A coach who might become available soon and hasn’t been connected to anyone yet that I think might be the best option is Doc Rivers. The loss to Denver isn’t al on him but he takes part of the blame. We heard rumors all season about that locker room having issues and recently the story came out that when Paul George said he wants the team to stay as is it wasn’t met with a positive reaction by players. If Doc gets canned he might be the best move for Philly. A new coach, no matter who it is, will not be the savior of this team. The rest needs overhaul no matter which way you cut it but getting the right coach is a very crucial next step.

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