Branded Sports Birthday Club: September 23rd Edition


It’s just another normal Wednesday here at Branded Sports, or is it? September 23rd is a day that many celebs decided to pop out of their mother’s vagina.

Big thank you to for the inspiration (and pics)

I know maybe 1-2 people on that list but nonetheless I’d like to wish them a Happy Birthday!

Born in The USA and (insert any Jermaine Dupri song here) will be on repeat today, Happy Birthday fellas!

DJ! Add Georgia On My Mind to the playlist! Also Happy Birthday to Papa Doc aka Falcon aka the guy who has sex with the other guy in a virtual fighting game. And Matt Freaking Hardy happy birthday!

I know nobody on this list.

I’m ashamed to say I know who Darcey Silva is. Thanks 90 Day Fiancé.

Whoa is that a certain blogger from Branded Sports on the list of Famous Birthday’s? Why yes it is! Happy Birthday to Chavy!

Wow thanks for the bday post Branded Sports! It’s just another day for me anymore but if you feel the urge as a Brander to buy me something from my Amazon Wish List please feel free to message me on Twitter for it @AgentChavyScarn.

Other than that let’s just pretend it’s like any of the the other 364 days in the year.


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