Who Deserves More Of The Blame, Carson Wentz Or Doug Pederson?

Let me start out by saying I’m still not over either loss this Eagles team has suffered. Both games were winnable if this team plays to their potential. My biggest question is, I don’t know whether to blame Carson or Doug more. Both of these guys have completely dropped the ball to start off the season no pun intended towards Carson’s fumbles.

Carson Wentz

Before the Season everyone had high hopes because of the recent year Wentz just had. He came off a season where he became the first and only QB to throw for 4,000 yards with a single receiver over 500 receiving yards. That stat line is remarkable. The thing is we’re not seeing that assertive Wentz this for this season. We’ve seen a Carson Wentz who is looking to make every single play that is or isn’t there. He doesn’t seem to be letting the game come to him.

Two things really concern me though. One is that his mechanics are shot right now. His stance is too wide which causes balls to go too high to his targets. He’s had this problem since he’s been drafted. We’re in year 5 now, this has to get fixed immediately. There is no way this should still be an issue. The other issue I have is he’s not looking through all of his reads, which is causing him to force passes that aren’t there.

For example, Benjamin Solak of The Draft Network does an amazing job explaining exactly what I’m saying.

Wentz just doesn’t seem to be clicking on any cylinder right now and idk what the issue is because there are plays to be made, the guy just isn’t making them. This has to be fixed this week against Cincinnati or they really may win no more than 5 games this season.

Doug Pederson

I love “The Crusher” and I rarely come for his neck but I can’t hold my tongue after the teams first two losses of the season.

Pederson has done a poor job of putting the team in the right position to win ball games. Dropping Wentz back an average of 45 times a game has never been a recipe to win games in Wentz’s 5 seasons in Philadelphia. He’s failed to get the ground and screen game going consistently. Also on top of that Pederson hasn’t really played to Carson Wentz strenghts. From a birds eye view “again no pun intended” it honestly looks like his game plans thus far look suited for Nick Foles and not Carson Wentz.

Carson Wentz is a guy who needs to be out of the pocket on bootlegs and roll outs. Doug Pederson has failed miserably installing those plays in the game plan thus far. Keeping Wentz in the pocket like a statue and never played out well and why would it now?

In the end, who is to blame?

Both of these two are to blame for the failures so far this season but if I had to choose one I’m going Doug Pederson for not having Carson and the rest of the team ready to go. Making excuses about missing OTA’s and not having a preseason is a cop out. All the other 31 teams had to deal with the same exact offseason, and that’s no excuse as to why the Eagles look like the worst team in the entire NFL those far.

This better get fixed fast or it’ll be a long season


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