The NFL Fined 3 Coaches Over $1 Million For Not Wearing Masks On The Sidelines Of A Game Of Full Contact Tackle Football


At this point Roger Goodell could go to Tyreek Hill’s kids birthday party with Chris Brown and Greg Hardy and I wouldn’t be that surprised. Once you accept the fact that the NFL is run by an overpaid ventriloquist dummy with no feelings, original thoughts or backbone, you can read headlines like this one and laugh.

Completely aside from the fact that I do believe in wearing CDC approved masks to protect the lives and well being of others, this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

The head coaches, standing on the side of a field where 100’s of extremely large men are running into each other at full speed, sweating on top of a pile of 6 offensive lineman, doing choreographed touchdown performances.

As far as I’m concerned the coaching staff goes through just as rigorous testing as the actual players. So why is it no problem at all for Aaron Donald to simply exist but Pete Carroll can’t enjoy his 50th piece of gum of the night without dropping at least $100:

You can’t ban jersey swaps and fine teams millions of dollars to prove a point that you care while encouraging these guys to fight for an onside kick. Maybe that’s what Atlanta was worried about. You either care about the coronavirus or you don’t. The NFL needs to pick a side and stick with it. I implore them to go with the former but I’m really not sure how to make that happen if we’re going to play besides constant testing.

If you’re going to loosen up on the contact rules for the entirety of a football season, forcing coaches to wear a mask or pay millions is great in theory, but trying to get Jon Gruden to hide his face on national TV just ain’t happening.


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