Matt Klentak Said He Doesn’t Care About Resigning JT Realmuto

I mean did he say ‘I couldn’t care less about Jt Realmuto and I hope he hears this so he knows I’m in charge.’ No but basically yes he did. I don’t understand the logic here on a number of fronts.

First off, he’s the best catcher in baseball and I don’t think it’s even close. Not resigning him on that alone makes no sense what so ever. When you’ve got the best guy at his position on your roster you keep him. Especially when you traded away a stud pitcher to get said player. Sixto is a beast, we all knew he was going to be but now that it’s come to fruition it’s a little depressing.

Whatever though, you traded a prospect for a known entity. In baseball I’m for that 100 out of 100 times. But with the understand that, once you trade away a piece like that you have to lock you the guy you got in return. Like image if, oh I don’t know, the Sixers traded away guys to get a piece to help them win. For this totally made up scenario let’s say they acquired a shooting guard that is a complete gamer and wills his team to victory on the big stage. They would be crazy to let him walk right? RRRIIIGHT!!!???


The other reason Klentak’s comments are insane is because they are still trying to sign him. Imagine being disrespected over and over again publicly by the same guy that is trying to win you over. You’d tell that guy to go pound sand, I’m not helping you keep your job.

If there was any hope that JT remains a Phillie, I think it took a real hit yesterday. The win now attitude seems to stop with Realmuto, oh and this garbage pile of a bullpen. Can’t imagine Bryce is too happy. His prime being wasted away over, at arbitration was $2 million.

If the Phillies let JT walk and Klentak stays, the city is going to burn down. What’s being done in that front office is nothing short of a crime.

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