Some Masshole Broke Into Fenway Yesterday During The Yankees Red Sox Game

No body, and I mean no body wants to watch the Red Sox play baseball this season. They are 14 games under .500 which is impressive when you factor in the season is only 60 games. But even though everyone else is out on the Red Sox, one man seems to be very interested in seeing them with his own two eyes.

So interested in fact, you broke into Fenway, looks like he climbed the Green Monster and made a big scene.

A couple things here. Yes everywhere stands with New York in terms of 9/11. This guy is 100% right there. Buuuuuuuuut, nine days late dude. Think the calendar on his T-Mobile sidekick needs to be updated.

Also, where is this man’s teeth? What is happening in his mouth? You’ve got enough money to buy a jersey and specially made hats but don’t have front chicklets? Makes no sense. And the hat, what are you expecting to toss it down and someone pick it up and pop it on? 1. We’re in a pandemic and 2. You definitely have lice. No shot you don’t.

And lastly, I know he wanted to create a stir and that’s why he did all this. It was never really about watching the game. But if he would have just sat up there and not said a word. Maybe change your outfit, no one would have said a word to him. He would have had two of the biggest baseball teams in the word playing a game just for him. Could have felt like a king for a day. But massholes gonna masshole.

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