Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man That Is About To Be Fired From Branded?

This son of a bitch!! First last week Walsh tries to throw Eddie and I under the bus because he back stabbed his own cohost. Can’t relate. And now today I find out he did something even worse. Something that only a true scumbag does. He was on a heater this weekend and he kept it a secret.

What. A. Dick.

If you’ve ever seen any episode of Locks Only than you know that Walsh is an impressively bad gambler. Some say shockingly. But out of no where this weekend he went on a 14-1 run. That is insane. You parlay his 14 winners and you could probably turn $5 into like $5,000 depending on the odds.

So what does little Walshy decide to do? Does he say, yo guys, I’m 6-0 so far check out all of my Wash Winners picks, I’m cooking? Nope. Does he even hint that he’s about to pay off his house this weekend? Not a single word.

No he dropped that 14-1 record on us TODAY!

Thanks buddy, I’ll just hop back into this spare time machine I have and place some bets.

Some nerve on this guy. So it now begs the question, does Walsh get fired? Does Ginger Thread become just an hour of Kelsey’s Korner???? The questions are endless. Head on a swivel Keith. Head on a god damn swivel

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