Turns Out LeBron James’ Famous Chalk Toss Is Actually Him Conjuring Demons..I Knew It!!!

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I always knew I didn’t like that LeBron guy for a reason and thank God for YouTuber Sheila Zilinsky for exposing the truth. LeBron James isn’t just putting chalk on his hands and tossing it in the air before games. He is conjuring demons people!! WAKE UP!!

This all makes sense now. Right in front of our faces LeBron has been commanding the underworld. All those NBA Finals appearances, never seems to be injured and you can’t tell me Dellavedova playing well in the Finals wasn’t the work of black magic.

A quick Google search and I think I’ve found the demon LeBron has been using. His name, Ja-Thoom. He is a paranormal entity that is known for choking. I couldn’t find anything about flopping but I assume they go hand and hand. Ja-Thoom also is know to repeat, “eat, eat, eat” over and over.

The evidence is overwhelming is what I’m trying to say. Now the question is, how do we stop this maniac? Do we put garlic all around the NBA arenas? Do we get an old priest and a new priest? Negative, there is only one man that has the power to eliminate LeBron and this demon.

The best way to rid a demon is from the inside out. JR is our final hope. When it looks like the evil has won and they have a victory in their hands. JR Smith will be there to make a costly turnover or throw the ball out of bounds. He’s not the hero we want but he’s the one we deserve.

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