Breaking Down The Celtics Locker Room Fight

After the Celtics embarrassed themselves on the court they decided to yell about it in the locker room. Reports are lots of yelling, swearing and things being thrown. Also, apparently Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown has to be separated. Glad everyone is having fun.

I’m very happy this happened. Assuming this will provide a change for game 3 in ecstatic. This team should be up 2-0 but instead they’ve blown two games, this fight needed to happen. These are a bunch of young guys stuck at Disney for 3 months now. They aren’t playing well and whatever they’ve been trying isn’t working. Even going back to last series they were up 2-0 that series should not have gone 7. This is a wake up call, now we need to see it translate for game 3. I’m expecting a massive win on Saturday.


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