What To Expect For Game 2 Of The ECF

Game 2 and I’m not at all nervous. As one of the only Celtics fans at Branded I’m heavily invested in this team. My happiness works in direct correlation with how this team performs. They won but play bad I’m content. They blow a team out I’m happy. They lose game 1 to the Heat I’m pissed. It’s not healthy but it is what it is and I know you guys can relate to that.

Hayward was listed as doubtful but has been downgraded to out, he will still not be suiting up. I’m expecting at least similar lineups and rotations from both teams, maybe more Nunn for Miami but he looked real lost out there in game 1.

Dragic is going to average 20 this series, it just is what it is. When we played Philly we knew embiid would average 40, same thing here. Dragic is like Middleton, if they’re playing the Celtics they’re putting numbers up. I want to see better play calling down the stretch for the Celtics, we come down and go iso 3 straight plays to end the 4th and our lead disappears. We can’t be content with just going 1 on 1 at this point in the playoffs, we couldn’t do it against Toronto and it took 7 games to win when it should’ve been 5.

Kemba has to do something. He’s strung together a couple bad performances out there, he needs to shake it off and be a real player before the games on the line. If Kemba just plays average and isn’t a negative out there then Celtics win by 10+ every night. Tatum needs to be less sloppy with the passing and ball handling as well as stop forcing so much. He’s a great 1 on 1 player but like we talked about going iso with 4 dudes standing around isn’t championship basketball. Play through Juice more. Guy has been consistent and one of the best players for your team the whole league. He’s stepped up in the playoffs but he can get more touches and he should. Last thing, Hayward is still out for at least this game and probably game 3 as well, we can’t get used to Smart being a lights out shooter. He is bound to come back down to earth at some point.

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