The Eagles Injury Report Is (Finally) A Thing of Beauty

As welcome a site as “happy hour: all drinks half price”
For the first time in seemingly YEARS, the Eagles dropped a mid-week injury report that actually looked promising with a lot of full go’s.
It looks completely different from the injury report from this time a week ago when we all start to realize, oh shit, I don’t think Lane or Miles are ACTUALLY day to day.
So great job, Eagles, on getting healthy before a big home opener. Let’s try to keep it that way it get this thing cookin.
And for the Eagles coaching and medical staff, try not to make injury reports such a PR disaster going forward:
Yeah, if a doctor sticks a knife in your leg, you’re aren’t “day to day”. Lane Johnson tore a ligament right off the bone like it were ribs at Outback Steakhouse. The Eagles treated that shit like he put it in rice and would be back out there the following Tuesday. 8 sacks later, he was not day to day.
The same goes for their BS diagnosis of Miles Sanders. It’s not precautionary he misses a game if it was already precautionary he missed three weeks of practice.
Doug Pederson needs his own spin team like Kayleigh McEnany Trump goes out and says some wild shit. Then she gets up in front of the press and condenses his takes to (somewhat) make sense. Then throws it right back in the reporters face and gets them on their heals. She basically goes out every day and says “this is what he REALLY meant”. Works for them every time. Can we please hire someone who does that for Doug every time he talks to the media and puts his foot in his mouth?
Enough of the negative thought. Let’s get healthy. Let’s get rollin. This a talented team when the injury report isn’t littered. So let’s go get it against a good Rams team on Sunday.
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