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Well, that sure is something. Took me a few viewings to find it and now I can’t unsee it. The fact that this video was taken in an ACME is just perfect. No where else on planet earth will you find a head tattoo of a football team, then in the world’s trashiest grocery store.

I’m all for showing support for your team but this is a little much. Get yourself a jersey or a t-shirt, not a life time of regret. I’m speaking as an Eagles fan too, so this isn’t some bias opinion. Team tattoos rarely come out well and back of the head tats never do. I love the Birds as much as the next guy. I was living and dying on every play this past Sunday. But I now hope the team folds just so this guy has to figure out what to do.

The front office comes out and announces that the Philadelphia Eagles are being sold and moving out west. I would be heart broken and then I would remember this idiot. That wouldn’t fix the problem but it sure would make it easier to know that some guy is walking around with the equivalent of an Expos picture, permanently attached to his head.

Anyway, Go Birds!

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