Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather SIGNED For Later This Year…..Maybe.

So Mayweather must be in some serious debt with his bookie right? That’s gotta be the only reason he’s taking this fight.

As for Logan Paul well any press is good press for him so he probably came in his Logan Paul brand gym shorts (which you can buy from his merch store for $125.99) twice over when his agent sent him this contract.

I’m really torn on who to root for here. Ideally a double KO is the move, but since this is a exhibition fight I expect about 25% power on Mayweather punches and multiple dabs from Paul after he lands a simple body hook in the clinch.

Realistically though Mayweather should clown Paul should Paul decide to go off script and start trying to knock Mayweather’s head into the empty nosebleeds. I mean nobody thinks that Logan Paul actually has a chance do they?


Jesus H Christ. Somebody please take away Boxing Kingdom’s take privileges for the year. This is the type of take that should get them demoted to covering fights on the fight porn subreddit.

I can’t say I’m not interested in the fight if I’m being honest. I’m not interested enough to throw down $99.99 for this (along with Logan’s small dick brother Jake fighting in the co main) but I’ll definitely check out the result on Twitter when the final bell sounds.

Again as a whole we the state of Ohio are sorry for unleashing the Paul family onto the world.


This fight may not even happen and Sports Bible may be in the fake news biz.

According to TMZ Sports the deal is far from done and as of right now Floyd is leaning towards no.

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