Is Deion Sanders Leaving Barstool Already?


Primetime recently left the NFL Network and signed on with Barstool for the same reason every celebrity has signed on with Barstool. They give you a massive platform and absolute freedom, especially someone like Deion. Honestly, I haven’t paid to much attention towards Deion on Barstool so I don’t know how he’s been doing but it’s Deion so I’m sure it’s been at worst pretty good.

I’m not entirely sure why Deion would leave Barstool or even a job at the NFL Network unless he’s leaving for a dream situation. Is Jackson State his dream? I see Deion, obviously as a great player and athlete but as a great entertainer now. Obviously, we don’t have all of the details but I can’t imagine he takes this job stays at Barstool. This feels like a one of the other situation.

Assuming this is real I can see Deion being a decent coach. Jackson State isn’t the most luxurious job but that doesn’t mean he won’t do great. Rumor has it this gets announced Monday so stay tuned for an update soon.

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