(Video) ESPN 97.5 Houston Radio Hosts Get Into A Shouting Match On Air And It’s Outstanding

Now that is what I call radio baby! As a radio host myself, every Saturday 11-12 on 1490 Sports Betting Radio make sure to check it out. This only happened because of pure hate for each other. I’ve never listened to a minute of these two before but I know hate when I hear it. The man on our left, Braddock, clearly has been tired of the guy on the right’s shit for waaaaaaayyyy too long.

I assume Creighton is the guy that thinks he’s funny. Makes ‘haha, what I was just joking relax’ jokes all the time. Also he comes off like a guy that thinks he’s way more important than he actually is. I bet he calls himself something like ‘the voice of Houston sports’ or something else insane like that. This was a fight that had to happen and I’m glad it did.

My favorite part of the clip, besides the fact this all started while talking about trading James Harden. James Harden doesn’t care about himself as much as these guys do. My other favorite part was when Braddock got really upset and started dropping bitch bombs on his cohost. Creighton got real quiet, real quick.

That is the face of fear. He is looking into the eyes of another grown man screaming at him and he is praying he doesn’t swing. Creighton is, as the kids would say, not about that life.

Once again, I don’t know these guys, I could be completely wrong. Guy on the left could be a big time asshole and guy on the right is actually a sweet little teddy bear. Just calling it how I see it.

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