The Darkest Day In B1G TEN History.

Every once in awhile day someone will say something so stupid it’ll unite everyone on the internet. Today’s winner was Christine Brennan from USA Today.

Now I won’t shame anyone for not wanting sports to be played during a time like this, HOWEVER I will say that calling the restart of BIG TEN football the darkest day in conference history should be a first ballot for the Worst takes of 2020 Hall Of Fame”.

Now do I think she means what she said? Not entirely. This was a clickbait headline to get everyone to click on her article because we all know the clicks rule the land. Now as someone who is also in the “clicks eat clicks world” I understand the play. Would I have done the same? Probably not. I think there’s a better way to call the Big Ten officials dumbasses without discrediting the trauma that multiple kids went through at the hands of notorious pieces of shit like Jerry Sandusky and Larry Nassar.

I have to applaud the double down though and her now deleted plug to her radio appearance on NPR. It’s takes like this which make me think to myself “if these idiots can have a career in the blogging world then us smart brains over at Branded will probably become the next Bleacher Report or ESPN.”

Oh and in case you’re wondering of course there’s idiots on the flip side of this argument with just as dumb unironic tweets.

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