Red Lobster Either Saved Or Worsened 2020 With Their New Concoction

Don’t look now, but it looks like Red Lobster is debuting the energy drink Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott were selling in Role Models.
How this battery acid piss fuel fits in the seafood menu at Red Lobster is beyond me.
The introduction of this drink furthers my theory that companies are now purposely unveiling ridiculous products in order to get their brand trending. It doesn’t matter how the wild product sells, it’s job is to get ratio’d in social media and bring exposure to the brand.
It’s like when IHOP started selling burgers. Honestly, when I’m at IHOP I’m usually so fucked up I can’t tell the difference between a pancake and a hamburger anyways. But hey all the power to International House of Burgers for making the random jump for six hours of trending time. I think the campaign worked?
I just feel bad for some hillbilly in Mississippi with four teeth who absolutely thought of the #RedLobsterDewGarita years ago, which to him is just tequila poured into a cold glass of Mountain Dew.
So, there you have it. Red Lobster just dropped a drink even ridiculous for the year 2020. Now, imagine sitting in some tent outside your local Red Lobster, eating three day old seafood with your mask around your neck so you can sip a DewGarita, and them catching Covid.
That’s the new American Dream.
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