As my #12 childhood hero (#1-11 is something I should blog about sometime) Eddie Vedder once sang to a crowd of uninterested millennials at Bonnaroo in 2016 “Oh, I, oh, I’m still alive Hey, I, oh, I’m still alive
Hey, I, oh, I’m still alive, hey, oh.”

That’s right I’m still here after winning the click off (sponsored by GIF JIF). Work has been a little busy for me the last week or so and I’ve been unable to really focus on writing a funny blog for you the Branders. 6 whole days without a blog from the Branded Sports Rookie of The Year contender could easily have felt like an eternity and for that I apologize.

But have no fear! I do have some content to help you get your fix of the sunglasses wearing, blogging/podcasting weirdo, alpha male known as ME!

Walsh and I recently started a podcast where we look back on our favorite wrestling PPV’s and we came out guns blazing with our first episode being about Wrestlemania 17.

Or if you want to pop in the airpods and listen to the best Wrestlemania 17 retrospect while you sell stocks (congrats on being 6’4 and only banging dimes bro) here’s the podcast version.



So if you want to watch or listen to us talk old school wrasslin for 90 minutes awesome, if not that’s cool too (but just know that you might get COVID if you don’t listen).

We’re also back Thursday night at 6:30PM for The Nightcap where we will pickup on our I Love You Man Review and whatever else our weird brains can think of.

Oh yeah and I’ll be hopping on Twitch when I can to play Tony Hawk’s and PGA 2K21.

Oh and one last thing. Cardi B is divorcing Offset and as a happily taken man I’d like to take myself out of the running to experience the WAP firsthand.

Featured image via BBC (no not that one) (LINK)

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