NHL Video Games Have The Best Soundtracks

We are less than a month away from the release of the latest edition of EA Sports NHL video game. As the hockey guy here at Branded Sports and an avid NHL video game player I felt like it was my duty to give the NHL video games soundtracks the respect that they deserve.

Now the early days of the NHL games didn’t have many songs on their soundtracks, but they still had some bangers. So lets start with one of my all time favorite in NHL 2001…

NHL 2001: “Heavy” Collective Soul 

I mean this intro with the song playing in the background is an all time great intro to a video game. It really sets the tone for how great this NHL game was.


NHL 2002: “I Hear You Calling” GOB, “Makes No Difference” “Fat Lip” Sum 41

Next up on the list we have the NHL 2002 soundtrack. This one has three all time bangers on it with two of them coming from Sum 41. If you couldn’t tell already I’m a huge punk rock fan and my inner emo kid has never gone away.

Another fantastic song and another incredible intro to a video game. I miss these days of stuff like this, as realistic as the new generation games look, they don’t have the presentation value the older games do.

NHL 2003: “Sweetness” Jimmy Eat World, “She Loves Me Not” Papa Roach, “No One Knows” Queens of The Stone Age

No sick intro for NHL 2003, but the soundtrack makes up for it as we’ve got just a wide variety of overall great songs highlighted by the top three I listed. Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World just hits differently and when you can go from that to Papa Roach it’s absolutely incredible. Do yourself a favor and just go listen to this soundtrack, you won’t be disappointed.

NHL 2004: “Punk Rock 101” Bowling For Soup, “Oh! Ellin” GOB, “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows” Brand New, “Get What You Needed” Jet

I get nothing but positive vibes from this soundtrack, this really takes me back to my glory days of playing NHL video games. Bowling For Soup is an awesome punk rock band and “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows” is easily one of my favorite songs it absolutely slaps and you can’t tell me any different.

NHL 2005: ‘Memory” Sugarcult, “Take Me Out” Franz Ferdinand

Ah, the lockout edition of the NHL video game…Thats right in 2005 there was no NHL season and there probably shouldn’t have been a video game either. This game was one of the worst ones in my opinion and after having a banging soundtrack to NHL 04, NHL 05 lacked in hits. “Memory” is a fantastic song though so I’m not taking anything away from that one.

NHL 2006:”Bat Country” Avenged Sevenfold, “4 Words To Choke Upon” Bullet For My Valentine, “Red Flag” Billy Talent, “Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued” Fall Out Boy

Ohhh baby my first introduction to Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine. “Bat Country” and “4 Words To Choke Upon” are two songs that I listen to way more frequently that most people. Like I said the emo kid in me has never died and I won’t let it happen. Then you add in some Fall Out Boy and “Red Flag” this soundtrack made up for how bad NHL 05 was as they came back with a vengeance for this game.

NHL 07: “This Is The End (For You My Friend) Anti-Flag, “Darkest Days” Good Riddance, “My Only” Goodnight Nurse, “There’s A Class For This” Cute Is What We Aim For

Ladies and gents we have arrived at the GOAT NHL game. That’s right NHL 07 was and still is the best NHL game to date. From the soundtrack to the gameplay there hasn’t been an NHL game to even come close in years. We also got a sick intro with “Darkest Days” playing over it and when this game on you just knew the game was going to be incredible and it was. This game and soundtrack really kicked off the glory years of the NHL franchise.

NHL 08: “Misery Business” Paramore, “Stand Up For Rock N Roll” Airbourne

Another great NHL game, another solid soundtrack. Now this one is really highlighted by Paramore and thats probably the biggest hit on this one. Don’t get me wrong though, overall this soundtrack is a great listen is just lacks the big name hits like some of the other ones.

NHL 09: “Nine In The Afternoon” Panic At The Disco, “Two As One” From First To Last, “Warriors Of Time” Blacktide

This one is probably number two on my rankings list of the NHL soundtracks. There is so many great songs on this one I couldn’t even list them all. “Nine In The Afternoon” has to be one of the most underrated songs out there and if “Warriors Of Time” doesn’t get you pumped up you need to check your pulse.

NHL 10: “Know Your Enemy” Green Day

We start to fall off a little bit here as NHL 10 didn’t have a great soundtrack overall. Green Day’s ‘Know Your Enemy” was the highlight and don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad song but it’s not a banger either.

NHL 11: “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” Dropkick Murphys

We pick back up a little bit here in NHL 11 as the Dropkick Murphys saved this soundtrack with Shipping Up To Boston being on it. There is some other solid songs too but like NHL 10 It’s not as good as the rest of the NHL games.

NHL 14: “Riot” Bullet For My Valentine, “The Boys Are Back” Dropkick Murphys, “Harlem” New Politics

We skipped over a couple of the bad soundtracks and get right back to the greatness of an NHL soundtrack. NHL 14 came to save us after some years of not so great soundtracks. The Boys Are Back was great for this and then you add in some Bullet For My Valentine and some other solid bangers and boom another top 5 NHL soundtrack of all time.


Honestly, the last couple of soundtracks since 2014 have not been all the hot and I’m not gonna lie its been disappointing. Now, there have been a few solid songs but nothing like the golden days of the NHL soundtracks. I highly recommend adding these songs from the NHL soundtracks to a playlist, grabbing a 30 pack of your favorite beer, and enjoy a night listening to these great songs and playing some NHL. Hope you all enjoyed the list and let me know if there any you think I should’ve had on this list and tell me your favorite NHL soundtrack.


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