BREAKING: Eagles Sign A Deal With FOX Bet To Have Studio And Lounge In The Linc

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Finally, some good news to come out about the Eagles! This is insane, 4,000 square feet is huge. I don’t even know off the top of my head, where in the Linc you could fit that. Either way I can’t wait. Get all sauced up in the parking lot and head into the FOX Bet lounge two and a half hours before game time. Sprinkling money of every prop I can get my hands on.

Also, after like week 1 of that being open, that 2.5 hours is going to get cut down to like 15 minutes before game time. They have no idea what they are in for giving Birds fans that much time.

This is huge that in all respects. I imagine as more and more states make gambling legal, this will be a trend. I’ve been into the one in the Wells Fargo and it’s amazing. Not 4,000 square feet but still amazing. The NFL and Fox are going to have this looking insane to try and drive interest from other teams when they are pitching them.

Also, Philly is known as a town that bets on their own team. Vegas calls us a sucker town. Imagine how much money they are going to make when drunk fans are at the stadium feeling themselves. Candy from a big drunk baby.

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