Top Of The Morning Fellow Eagles Fans. Here’s A Stat That Will Ruin Your Day


So about yesterday, kinda sucked. At one point I thought, ‘this team is going to win the East and maybe contend for the conference. That was around 17 nothing. Quickly things spiraled out of hand and well, now I don’t know if they will win a game this month.

Carson was really bad. Probably his worst game as a pro. he o-line was really really bad. If they play like that next week vs Aaron Donald, no shot Wentz makes it out of the game alive. And the play calling was awful as well. They had a critical 3rd and 6 in the 4th quarter and a deep pass was drawn up that had the announcers just as confused as us.

So yeah, not a great Sunday. But just how bad was it? Paul Hembekides is here to tell us.

Oooooohhhhh so like really really dog shit. Got it. Thanks Paul, was going to have my morning coffee but I think instead I’ll take a long walk off a short dock.

0-18 and lost by an average of 20?!?!?? I can’t even grasp how depressing that is. And that level of play beat you by double digits. Where do you even go from there? This team is going to have to play the Rams next week and listen, LA aren’t a bunch of world beaters. But they are definitely much better than a team with NO NAME.

I hate it here. I hate my great great grand parents for setting up shop in this town and forcing me into a life of pain. I deserve better but I know I won’t get it.

Anyway, Go Birds

Featured Image: Eagles Wire

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