David Andrews Throwing Shade At Some Old Guy Named Tom Brady

Some of you might have heard that the Patriots are all the way back. Cam Newton came out yesterday and won over the hearts of America. The run to 7 is officially on.

And down in New Orleans, some old guy named Tom Brady or something, made his debut with the Bucs and things didn’t go so well. Poor fella threw a couple interceptions and his team got cooked by a division rival. Couldn’t be the Pats, wouldn’t be the Pats.

Afterward the twitter machine was doing its thing and roasting him. By the way. Anything better than football twitter? Nothing right? Just the best. The moment I saw Andy Reid in that insane face mask I couldn’t open the app fast enough. And already he was getting smoked by memes.

But Barstool dropped this:

That’s a clean shot. Guy decided to leave the greatest organization on the planet to go to Tampa Bay. Mistakes were made. But the plot thickens when you see who liked it.

Yikes. David Andrews coming in for the haymaker to finish off Brady’s dumpy day. Gotta feel for the guy. You know new Brady checks social media a lot so he had to have seen this. Can’t feel good when a former teammate and a man whose entire job was to protect you, takes a big OBJ on you.

Tough day at the office. Go Pats

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