Chris Evans Accidentally Leaked A Photo Of His Captain America


Anytime a celebrity starts trending in 2020, we can almost always assume they are being canceled. So when Chris Evans started trending all of a sudden, everyone rushed to Twitter to see what in the world was going on. A new Captain America movie? Perhaps he’s dating someone? No, just an accidental dick pic from his camera roll.

After posting to his IG story an innocent game of, what else, Heads Up…Captain America himself was caught with a head up of a different kind. To be honest I would expect more from someone with such a cinematic brain than a dimly lit downward and sideways angle, but I speak for every woman everywhere when I say we will take what we can get.

As a Bostonian Chris Evans holds a special place in my heart. I had a friend that worked a few buildings over from him where he would frequently tan shirtless on the roof and I’ve never seen more people that eager to get to work each day. If we had to send one representative for Boston men everywhere it would almost unquestionably be Chris Evans. And at the top of the best Chris list, this for sure solidifies Chris Evans above Hemsworth, Pratt and Pine although if they want to battle it out in a dick pic competition we will certainly allow it.

The best part of the Chris Evans nude leak of 2020 was this screenshot captioned Guard That Pussy. Honestly, my pussy has never felt more safe.

Now he not only has America’s ass, but America’s dick too.


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