Lenny Dykstra Starring In A Local Sign Commercial Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Just can’t get enough of this guy. Really wish he would have had the chance to fight that little bagel guy last year. I stand by what I said in that he would have killed that man.

I imagine when the guys over at Martino Signs sat down to have a marketing meeting they tossed out some ideas it went something like this:

‘Hey what if we showed them all the custom signs we can make for business or hospitals?’

‘No think bigger!’

‘Well what if talked about all the amazing services we can provide to our customers?’

‘It’s been done.’

‘I don’t know than, how about we just have Lenny Dykstra beat the shit out of one of our delivery drivers??!?!’

‘…….you son of a bitch, that’s perfect!’

I need to know the details on this deal, I have so many questions.

Are they even paying Lenny or did he just get some sweet signs for free? How much did this cost? Does he keep the shirt? So many answers are needed.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend. I’ll be watching this a billion more times

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