Joe Kelly Is The King Of Baseball


I’m not sure it’s possible to have a more iconic meme than Joe Kelly’s sad face meme. It was the first GIF I ever personally created for myself through a bootleg video to GIF website. Just couldn’t wait for it to exist so I could reply with it to every text.

The type of GIF that will last until the end of time. It’s never not funny, always plays and there’s no rebuttal. Joe Kelly managed to pulled off a reaction so childish and immature and made it look cool. The stuff that men dream of. What the normal person envisions doing behind someone’s back, Joe Kelly did on national TV and in everyone’s face. So cool that people in LA decided to paint a mural of it, as people in LA do.

But showing up to your own mural with your whole family to reenact the mural is another level of royalty that Joe Kelly has just ascended into.
Not only is it an insanely cool LA look wearing the throwback Kobe jersey showing up to your own mural, being Joe Kelly is now a lifestyle. The detail of his son’s hat is what separates the greats to the American heroes.
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