(Video) Odell Beckham Jr Addresses Poopgate With Deion Sanders

I love Deion Sanders for about a billion reasons and you can add this interview to the list. Deion breaks down the conversation he had with OBJ about Poopgate.

Alright let’s dive into what happened here. First off, Deion refusing to curse and just say words like doodie, is laugh out loud funny. That’s the ESPN in him that still needs to be ironed out.

Secondly, I believe OBJ on this one. I don’t like the guy, I feel like he is one of the most overrated players in the league. Also he’s the biggest crybaby by a mile. But there is just no way on earth he let this girl poop on him.

He is a star athlete with millions and millions. He isn’t hooking up with these ‘women.’ Even if he loves getting pooped on. If it was his favorite thing in the entire word, he couldn’t go to sleep at night without a pile of another person’s doo doo on him. He’s at least going to find someone that doesn’t look like a naked mole rat to get the job done.

I refuse to believe anything else.

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