NHL Aiming For December Start

So the Stanley Cup Playoffs are slowly coming to an end as we are down to the final four teams. As a fan of one of the teams that is no longer playing, the only thing on my mind right now is when the hell do I get to see the Flyers back on the ice?!? Well, my guy over at NHL Rumors Daily has given us some insight as to what the NHL is planning for the 2020-21 season…

We all have loved the all day long hockey that we got during this NHL bubble and I for one am ALL IN on getting some more of it to kickoff the season. What’s better than Christmas Day? There’s only one thing and that’s hockey being on all day long. Now obviously nothing has been confirmed yet, but you have to think the NHL will be doing everything they can to capitalize on the momentum they’ve got going right now with their ratings.

Who knows exactly how the division will look for the next season as I think they may get changed around a little bit due to the COVID Pandemic. Maybe by December things will start getting more back to normal and the NHL won’t drastically have to change anything. All I know is it hasn’t even been a week yet and I already need the Flyers back in my life. So Gary and everyone else involved in this process, lets get things going here so I know when the Flyers can start their 2020-21 Stanley Cup run…Shoutout once again to NRD as he’s been my go to guy for NHL news and hasn’t disappointed, so make sure you toss him a follow…NHL Rumors Daily



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