Congrats to Mighty Ducks Alum Goldberg On The New Teeth!

Chalk this up under “things you like to see”.

According to TMZ (LINK) Mighty Ducks Star Shaun Weiss has now been sober for over 265 days and got himself a new pair of teeth to celebrate.

Seeing Weiss’ troubles play out in the spotlight for the last couple of years has been very rough, with most assuming each sad update would become trimmer than the one before.

Thankfully we got some good news though and it seems like Weiss’ has himself a great friend in Drew Gallagher who is helping him maintain a sober lifestyle.

Being the wrestling nerd I am I noticed the similarities between this story and the story of Diamond Dallas Page taking in Scott Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts to help them turn their lives around and maintain a sober lifestyle. Currently both are sober and Jake is even appearing weekly on television for All Elite Wrestling!

Keep up the great work Shaun and we look forward to seeing you don the Ducks jersey again!

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