Bad To Worse In Arizona

Intern Mitch

Man, first you can’t even sweep the most mediocre NHL team in the Nashville Predators. You get lined up against the NHL offensive power house that is Nathan MacKinnon’s Colorado Avalanche, and get dusted. Letting the Avs score two touchdowns on you in two games. The only reason you were there was because Darcy Kuemper played out of his mind.

You get ready for the off-season, without a GM I might add. You loose your 2020 second round pick and 2021 first round pick. You already don’t have your first round pic, you traded it to New Jersey for Taylor Hall. Who is defiantly going to leave you for Mile High, after watching the clinic Denver ran on you. Oh, and by the way your 2020 third round pick is in Colorado’s pocket. You may get to keep your 2021 third round pick, since Taylor Hall absolutely is not signing with you.

Now come to find out, Katie Strang reported on twitter on September 4th that the Coyotes have been struggling to pay their player their production bonuses.

Yikes, you definitely don’t want to be owing your players their bonuses. Especially since most of them, some of them, are willingly living in Arizona to play for you.

At least the NHLPA wont be attacking them. I don’t know which is worse for a hockey team, the players associations or the IRS.

Honestly, in my opinion, its time to put the old girl out to pasture. It is a shame because the NHL hyped up a desert rivalry, but they are moving Arizona into the Central to add Kraken to the Pacific. Obviously. The Panthers and Arizona have been in the relocation rumors for years. The NHL YANKED the Thrasher out of Atlanta quick when they weren’t raking in the cash. Houston, Texas has been making quite a stir in for an NHL team, along with Kansas City. In my opinion, its time we get Quebec back in this Bad Johnny, but I am not sure if the NHL would vibe another team in Canada.

-Branded Mitch

Source- Katie Strang

Featured Image- Arizona Sports

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