Video: It Is The Official Move-In Week For The Barstool Sports Gang/House Tour

This is the official week of the move to Philly for the Barstool Gambling Gang. Marty Mush recently gave a MTV Cribs type tour of the old city house the crew will be staying at.

A few months ago Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports announces they were launching a sportsbook app partnered with PENN Gaming. Penn Gaming recently invested 450 million dollars into Barstool Sports. This move was huge for both PENN and Barstool Sports. The two have had plans of a possible sportsbook for a while.

It’s said that their sportsbook app will launch later this month. With football starting this week you gotta believe they’re gonna make a killing come October.

Another thing you have to wonder is if they’ll try and strike a deal with the Live Casino across the way from the stadiums in South Philly.

I believe that’s gotta be one of the main goals of being in Philly. To have their sportsbook apart of a brand new casino would be a huge power move by the company.

There is an endless amount of oppurtunity for the social media power house of the world now that they’ve made a home in Philly. I’m very interested in seeing what other events Barstool has in store while they’re here. Can’t wait to see.

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