Colin Kaepernick Is Back……Kinda

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Welcome back to the NFL Kap.


Madden has just released a statement saying they are putting Cap back in the Madden franchise as a free agent.


The first question I had and should have been everyone’s first question. What is his rating? Turns out they have him at an 81, making him the 21st best QB in the game right now. Which means he just beats out these guys.

Now, first let me say this. I don’t care about Madden ratings and every year there are fans that get upset because their team’s players aren’t rated high enough. It’s the craziest thing you can complain about. With that being said, Cam Newton and Baker are being disrespected here. Cam has won an MVP and you’re telling me he is barely better than Josh Allen. No disrespect for Josh but I mean come on.

Anyway, back to Kap for a minute. This is going to bother a lot of people and there are going to be people that will say things like ‘I’m not buying this game!’ or ‘He sucks this doesn’t make sense to add him.’

To that I say this: Logan Woodside, Danny Etling, Johnathon Grant, Tyler Bray and Reid Siinett. Those are 4 quarterbacks in Madden 21 and one random name I just made up. Before you get all bent out of shape that they added Kap and you think he’s not good enough to play in the league anymore. Just remember there are guys so bad in the game you don’t know if they are even real people.

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