Xbox Series S Price Revealed

I’ve always been a PlayStation over Xbox guy, I started with PlayStation and just stayed loyal to the brand. I was never a hardcore anti Xbox person growing up like some people I just always had a PlayStation. I also preferred PlayStation controllers which I know isn’t a popular take.

For the 5 or so years I’ve mostly been playing games on PC and the last 2 I’ve been exclusively on my PC, by the time I sold it I was only using my PS4 for Netflix. Didn’t see the point in keeping it any longer. This might get me back into the console game.

$299 is shockingly low. I mean it doesn’t make sense in my head honestly. I’ve been out on console news so I didn’t even realize there’s going to be two new Xbox’s. The Series S that we’re talking about now and the Series X. From the linked video the Series X is the big guns and will be around $599 most likely, which is where I would expect a new console to be prices at on release. That is why I’m so confused by the Series S price. Confused isn’t the right word, I’m intrigued.

The S has to be a significant downgrade from the X to be half the price. It’s a fantastic price and will be purchased from children across the world to play fortnite and for their older brother to rage in warzone. One of the many reasons people go from console to a PC is the specs. A lot of times in the past the advertised performance on consoles aren’t met so what makes this different? We’re way pass the days of buying a console for exclusive games and you can get a serviceable PC for $500 so why pay for a console or a better question why pay for an inferior console? Spend your money how you’d like but I’m gonna keep my eyes on this. For $299 I might be getting my first Xbox.

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