HC Sochi Unveils New Jerseys And They Look Too Familiar

Intern Mitch

So if you have been reading my blogs and reporting, you know that I follow much more than the NHL. I frequent AHL, ECHL, and college hockey. I do like to follow some of what goes on in the SHL and KHL, as you saw yesterday with Jokerit canceling their game. Well HC Sochi, who play out of Sochi, Russia in the KHL; unveiled their new jerseys. They are pretty interesting, and very familiar if you find yourself watching a lot of Western Conference NHL games.

HC Sochi Logo 2016.png

They do have one of the coolest logos I have ever seen, but here is the jerseys:

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing

Look familiar? No? Okay hang on.

Sharks reveal new uniforms - Fear The Fin

Now you see it. They even boosted the alternative jersey too. I’m not the greatest with colors, but it looks like the teal is off on Sochi’s jerseys. I think they look great with the Shark on it, but look stupid with the Tiger.. Leopard.. on it.

There is some absolutely FIRE jerseys in the KHL, especially their All Star Game uniforms. Those things last season, were amazing. Last season HC Sochi was on the outside looking in on the Gagarin Cup Playoffs, missing out by 5 points. Needless to say, I wont be adding one of these to my massive jersey collection. I do want to get a CSKA Moscow and SKA Saint Petersberg jersey at some point, but they are fun to get a hold of.

I guess any publicity is good publicity when you play in the graveyard of the Russian Winter Olympics. New logo, pass. New jerseys? Hope they kept the receipts.

-Branded Mitch

Featured Image- Reddit

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