Hear This Guy Out On His City Council Pitch To Rename Boneless Wings


Some people are just ideas people. Not afraid to throw out a bold take or push the societal envelope. Ander Christensen from Nebraska is one of those people.

At the epicenter of this country’s pivotal reform movement, Ander is bringing to light an important issue that’s currently being pushed to the wayside.

Boneless buffalo wings are not a thing. They never have been and they never will be. They are fucking chicken tenders, chicken fingers, I don’t even hate the saucy nugs suggestion. He lost me at trash, because that’s simply not funny. Chicken fingers are the lifeblood this country was built on. Not really a joking matter.

At this point I would not be the least bit surprised if we saw this as a platform for one of the presidential campaigns. Desperate to connect with the average American people, there’s nothing more unifying than chicken fingers except for maybe Fergie’s national anthem. I think we can all agree on that.

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