Ben Simmons vs The World Part 1: Brandon Ingram

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Ben Simmons v B ingram

In part 1 of our newest series Ben Simmons vs The World – we will be using NBA 2K ratings, highlights from Twitter, & my opinion to see where Ben Simmons ranks among his piers. Enjoy.

This visual is an attempt to group NBA 2K Ratings to see who is the better overall player in all important categories.

Ben Simmons vs Brandon Ingram

Shooting: Obviously Brandon Ingram is head and shoulders above Ben Simmons in shooting. This category has one of the largest discrepancies & is a major reason why this argument is even valid. If you were to make a case for Ingram over Simmons, shooting would be the category you base your entire argument around.

Ingram could legit become one of the best shooting forwards in the league, while Simmons ceiling is much lower. If Simmons can become at least a threat from 3 – Sixers fans will take that with arms wide open.

Inside Scoring: Simmons is so strong and savvy for a player his age – this shows with an advantage of 660 to 580 for inside scoring – that he is already a force in the paint. The problem for the 76ers is the roster & style of play does not allow Simmons to flourish fully in the paint. Horford & especially Embiid clog up the lane & make it very difficult for Simmons to operate the way he would like. He feels much more comfortable penetrating and setting the offense from the elbow in, rather than the three point line but it is very difficult for him to get comfortable with the way the Sixers roster is currently constructed.

Ingram could become a great inside scorer, if he continues to add more weight and muscle. His body has transformed over the last couple years – so there’s no reason to expect this won’t continue in the upcoming years. I expect Ingram to focus on this part of his game and become a better inside scorer to go along with his stellar outside shot – making him one of the most well rounded offensive players in the NBA.

Defense: This is where the argument for Simmons is made – he is head and shoulders above Ingram. Simmons is legit one of the best defenders in the league & he hasn’t even come close to his ceiling (in my opinion). Simmons could go down as one of the greatest perimeter defenders of all time if he continues to progress the way he has.

Ingram needs to improve his defense – this is not a secret. Right now Ingram does not possess the ability to lock down the number one threat on the other team. I don’t think his ceiling is anywhere near Simmons & that’s okay. He just needs to become a great team / help defender to really impact the game defensively.

Rebounding: Very close category. This one feels like a push to me because both are plus rebounders for their position.

Passing: Ben Simmons leads this category by 45 points – which should be a crime. Ben Simmons is by far the superior passer to Ingram and it’s not even close. His skill set makes him a better passer, but his vision and willingness catapults him ahead of Ingram.

When watching Ingram, it seems like he forgets he’s playing with 4 other guys a lot of the time. Simmons is always aware of his teammates (this may be because he’s terrified to shoot) every time down the floor. Simmons has great vision and could be the floor general of a historically great offense if given the opportunity with the right group of guys.

Intangibles: Another close category (Simmons advantage 471 to 419). Hard to argue either player is better than the other – both bring unbelievable things to the hard-wood. This is officially a push.

Athleticism: Simmons is the better athlete (950 to 812), but Ingram is no slouch either. Both use their height and size so well that you forget both guys are 6 ft 7 inches+. Both are freaks of nature, but I agree wit 2K that Simmons has the slight advantage in this category.

Conclusion: If we were starting a franchise I would lean Ingram over Simmons simply because his ability to be a walking bucket cannot be matched with anything Simmons brings to the table. That is not a knock on Simmons because if we look at the overall game of basketball – you could argue Simmons is superior in most facets of the game.

If we were building a specific team & had shooters in place – Simmons is the easy answer. Simmons in the right system will unlock potential in Simmons that we did not think was possible. I think Simmons is more versatile & can fit into a team in more ways than Ingram. This is due to his ability to pass & play defense at an elite level.

Both players are unbelievable & still rising, but I lean Ingram slightly over Simmons.

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[…] In our newest series Ben Simmons vs The World – we will be using NBA 2K ratings, highlights from Twitter, & my opinion to see where Ben Simmons ranks among his piers. Check out part 1 (Ben vs Brandon Ingram) here. […]

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