Being A Golf League Secretary Sucks

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been volunteered by a group of olds to be the secretary of the golf league you just joined because you’re the youngest person in the league and everyone assumes you are some tech wizard.

*nobody raises hand*

Let me tell you this job is not worth the waived league fee and $200 payday. I have to collect scores and tally them up every week, hunt down people for scores, hear the olds complain about their handicap, deal with rainouts, and everything else under the goddamn sun.

I have olds calling me at 4AM asking “why is my handicap only a 2 this week?”

Well Dave it’s a 2 because you shot -4 under and you piss missile every drive from the senior tees! What more of an advantage do you want?

That’s not to say everyone in my league is an annoying boomer. We’ve got some cool ass old dudes that are just there to drink beer and wedge some balls while others are out here pretending it’s the champions’ tour and there’s a $500K payday on the line. I’m talking no gimmes even if your ball is kissing the hole type hardo’s.

Also we’ve had two people die from the league this year. RIPIP

Between the time and work I’ve put into this across the 15 week season this $200 payday will equate to roughly a $0.0000000001 hourly wage.

Could I sue these olds for paying me such a shitty wage to be their secretary? Yes. Will I? No, on the condition that my beer is paid in full by the boomers every week.

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