Washington Nationals Hit Themselves With The Ultimate Mush Against The Phillies

One thing in sports is once you start bringing stats up of how much you’ve done something, karma comes around and bites ya. This picture posted by Washing Nationals Twitter is a prime example of it. They deserve to be mentioned on @oldtakesexposed twitter page.

Since the Nationals posted this picture on Twitter, they are a measly 0-4 against the Phillies. As a Phillies fan I love that they put this mush upon themselves. Whoever runs their twitter account should be kicking themselves in the ass right about now.

Here are some videos of the damage the Phillies have put on the Nationals over these last 4 games the teams have faced eachother.

Rhys Hoskins must’ve saw this Nationals tweet and it lit a fire under his ass… in his last 7 games he’s caught FIRE! Hoskins has been one of the hottest hitters in baseball over the past 10 games or so. Hitting a whopping five home runs over seven games for. He has hit .384/.467/1.038 with a 1.505 OPS during that stretch. His OPS was at .741 before this stretch and is up to .944 on the season. A hot Rhys Hoskins makes this line up one of the scariest in the league.

Featured Image: reddit.com

Videos: Phillies Twitter

Video: Barstool Philly Twitter

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