The GOAT, Michael Jordan Buying Into Draft Kings.


First The Rock bought the XFL. Now The GOAT is buying Draft Kings..

Well, into Draft Kings.

…Draft Goats!

The gambling world is being tossed on its head this week. Barstool announced their sportsbook in Philadelphia… $PENN stock makes a massive jump toward $60 a share. (Still angry I didn’t buy a billion dollars worth when it was at $4.)

And now, after the announcement that Michael Jordan is taking an equity interest in the company, what happens…

I am a tad bit confused about the ability for MJ as the owner of an NBA team, to have equity and say within a sports gambling company.

But hey… This is 2020 baby! Anything goes!

If you lived through the Jordan era, or got the cliff notes version through The Last Dance, you should know about the kind of gambler MJ is.

He would bet on a random person walking down the street, whether they would step on a crack or not. It’s incredible.

So, you know MJ is going to bring some incredible ideas to Draft Kings.


Keep watching this story as it develops, and watch that stock price.


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