“I’m Still Really Unhappy” Says Joel Embiid, Proving He Is Truly One of Us


As the Heat vs Bucks playoffs series surprisingly unfolds, we are seeing the NBA equivalent of someone seeing their Ex post their new boo on Instagram. Then after seeing the news, subtweet the couple accordingly.

Joel Embiid has been letting the tweets fly about his “ex”, Jimmy Butler.
In most cases, I hate when athletes bitch about their team related issues on social media. It’s better to keep the status quo and handle your business behind the scenes. You don’t want to cast a negative image on yourself and the team. But in this case, you don’t have to worry about a negative image being cast on the team because the Sixers front office already made sure they took care of that!
After a disastrous finale to a season that was a result of poor front office decision making, everyone should be voicing their displeasure. I’m glad members of the team are too. The Sixers front office shouldn’t be allowed to run a fucking men’s league at the LA Fitness on City Ave, let alone run an NBA team.
Now, people will say this is another classic Embiid internet troll. But every comedian will tell you there’s some pain behind the joke.
Joel is a smart guy, and the fans are too. No one involved is naive enough to believe subbing in Ty Lue for Brett Brown will magically solve this debacle.
Be unhappy. Be livid. Be disappointed. It’s the only thing left to be with this front office.
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