ICYMI: The Yankees Are Still Scumbags

The Scumbags in pinstripes at it again. Constant head hunting and classless chirping post game. I mean what could you expect from the ‘Bronx Bombers’.

They’ve always been fond of criminals. Mariano Rivera had a long career as a Yankee. Murderer. Jason Giambi? Roger Clemens? Easily at least 3 bodies between those roided up hot heads. Don’t get me started on Jeter. I can’t prove it but I’m positive he’s related to the Zodiac Killer.

Listen, I’m all for throwing at guys. I’m really not even that opposed at throwing a smooth hundo at a guys head. I think you’re pussy for doing it in the 9th. The umps are gonna warm the teams before the next game because of all the chirping and now there’s gonna be an actual punishment if the Rays retaliate. Big pussy to throw at a guy when his pitcher can’t throw at someone too. Yankees need to clean up their act. Scum.


That Pussy Manfred suspended Boone and Chapman. I still think the Rays need to go head hunting if I’m being honest. Can’t let the commissioner fight your battles for you.

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