Godzilla Is A Citizen!



Boy do I have a feel good story for all of you creatures of earth. It has taken way too long but as of yesterday Godzilla has officially been granted Japanese Citizenship!! Thats right the lovable giant finally can call Japan home. This is probably one of the most heartwarming stories you’ll see all year.

Think about all the struggles that that poor guy has been through with an entire country being terrified of him for years and years. Now, finally he can relax and walk through the country and not have people be afraid of him.


I gotta say after seeing some of these pictures I was fully expecting Godzilla to be a little bit taller. So either Godzilla is short or these men who he is standing next to are fucking huge, I’ll let you decided which one. Just look how happy Godzilla is to finally get the thing he’s been chasing all his life. You truly love to see stuff like this, in a year full of bad news its stories like this that give us hope for the future.


Featured Image-Monster

Two Images-Twitter


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