Five Eagles Make ESPN Top 100 List

AJ Torres

ESPN just dropped their top 100 list and not a single Eagle is in the top 30. Highly disagree with that but, no one respects the Eagles so it’s not surprising. The players who were included were Carson Wentz (39), Zach Ertz (48), Fletcher Cox (49), Darius Slay (61), Lane Johnson (71).

The main discussion here should be why on gods earth did arguably the best center and right guard in the league not get included in this list? I can see not having Brandon Brooks on the list cause he’s hurt and most likely not playing until LATE season if he does at all, but to not have Jason Kelce in the leagues top 100 is blasphemy. His run and pass blocking over the past 6-7 years have been consistently in the top 5 in the league in his respected position. I can’t wrap my head around the decision to not include him in the list.

Here are the descriptions of each selection.

Featured Image: NBC Sports Philadelphia

Photos: ESPN

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