Bryson DeChambeau Isn’t The Only One Who Hits Piss Missiles- An Analysis


As you all know I am a huge numbers guy, always have been always will be. Numbers, numbers and more numbers, thats all I know and all I care about. So I was doing some research an while at this point we know about how far Bryson DeChambeau can hit a golf ball, I feel like too many people have forgotten about the original piss missile hitter….

His name is Happy Gilmore.


That’s right, the former failed hockey player turned professional golfer could drive the ball for miles and miles. Just don’t ask him to sink an easy putt, thats not his strong suit. The Waterbury Mass. native was driving golf balls far before DeChambeau was even born. Let’s take a look at the numbers should we?

DeChambeau Average Drive: Not that far

Gilmore Average Drive:Very very far

It’s a real shame Gilmore’s career didn’t last longer but can you really blame him? He got the girl, he got the house, and he got the lifetime deal from Subway I mean thats the dream isn’t it.

So as the numbers show in my very accurate represnetation above. Bryson DeChambeau is basically a knock off version of Happy Gilmore and we all know the real thing is better than the knock off. As the numbers guy here at Branded you can be assured that this information is very accurate and definitely not made up at all. So at the end of the day its pretty clear to me…

Happy Gilmore > Bryson DeChambeau

Walshie Stats

Featured Image-Youtube

Happy Gilmore Image-Sport Bible

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