Best Sights & Sounds from Eagles Inter-Squad Scrimmage



Ohhh boy its Inter Squad Scrimmage season for the Eagles! Woo!

Part 1 is above the text obviously with Part 2 down below this. Aside from this awesome footage of the scrimmage, It seems like Zach Ertz has had a tremendous training camp from start to finish.

Zach Ertz has lead the Birds in targets (38) and touchdowns (7) in training camp — and get this, hasn’t dropped a single pass. That’s some good news if you’re a Philly fan and even a Wentz supporter, it seems like he’s been on target this summer and is looking to have a huge season. 

And while the Eagles will need to be cautious with Wentz’ injury problems, it seems like the face of the franchise will be “ready to go” according to Coach Doug Pederson.

How bout these sights and sounds to get the crowd a little hyped for FOOTBALL next week!




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