With Jalen Reagor Hurt A Familiar Face Is Poised To Make A Big Comeback


Eagles fans I think it’s time to be cautiously optimistic. As mediocre as Alshon has been he is certainly an upgrade from Arcega-Whiteside, I don’t care what the reports coming out of camp say. This is what you’re impressed with? You guys are better than this please act like it.

Please be better than this guys. A respectable organization and dedicated fans falling in love over a guy bobbling an easy catch, you’re better than this. Everyone’s better than this.

You know as well as I do you’re going to be calling for his job by Week 3 too. Don’t fall into the “I miss football so let me hype bad plays” trap. We’ve all been there, pull yourself out of the hole friends.

A healthy, slimmer and faster Alshon is where you want to focus your energy. Forget the past, look towards the future.

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