The Saints Are Open To Trading Alvin Kamara For Some Reason

Apologies in advance for anyone upset having to read breaking news from Josina Anderson but this is a pretty big scoop. I cannot figure out one single reason the Saints would even consider trading Alvin Kamara, unless this is a ploy for leverage in their ongoing contract negotiations.

Kamara has been absent from an already shortened training camp ‘unexcused’, which was believed to be related to his contract. This year he is set to make only $2.1MM, which means he probably thinks he’s due for a big extension, and he’s probably right. Has to be absolutely sick hearing what Joe Mixon just got paid. Not even going to mention Taysom Hill’s contract because Alvin might walk out of the building right now.

The leaves turning in the fall, the first pumpkin spice latte, and a holdout from a star running back. You can set your clock to it. Not sure if Alvin (feels weird using his first name only) will officially hold out or if they’ll get this thing done but I would be remiss not to include the quintessential GIFs to the news that a player is on the trading block.

giphytenor (1)

And of course this 5 star reaction from our friends at GifJif.

Could Fournette end up in New Orleans (again)??


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