The Greatest Bar Ever, Shorty’s, Made The Daily Mail Yesterday


If you listened to the latest episode of Ginger Thread, you heard me talking about how much I love Shorty’s. You also heard me tell the story of how I was recently kicked out. Not a great look for a father but I plan on getting kicked out of that place in 19 years when my daughter turns 21 and I’m buying all her friends shot pitchers.

But a couple days ago Shorty’s was in the news for a less than ideal reason.

Apparently the professor made a comment saying everyone should go to Shorty’s and get COVID to boost their immunity. I don’t know the full context or this professor but I don’t need to. This is a clear as day joke. He was definitely just speaking tongue and cheek and everyone is just pretending to actually be upset.

And honestly, not the worst idea I’ve heard. The cure for COVID is most likely somewhere on that dance floor. Or hanging out by the back bar where that pinball machine was that no body played and was just used to hold coats. I wish Shorty’s would go rogue and open up like a speak easy. You’d need some secret word to get in. But unlike a speak easy, it would be bumping in there.

PS: I will make sure to be at the back to Shorty’s party. It will be a banger.

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