The Bengals Have Fans Across The Pond? Awesome!

Wow this is a group on Twitter I didn’t expect to see. Bengals hooligans? Like the movie Green Street Hooligans? Sign me up! I’d love to fly across the pond and join my fellow Bengals blokes and beat the tea and crumpets out of those wanker Browns fans.

I think we can all say without any doubt that UK Bengals fans are bigger fans of the game than us. I mean every week they’re not able to watch a game until 5PM England time because of the time difference (and that’s if it starts at 1PM eastern time) and if the game doesn’t start until 4PM that means it’s a prime time game! Crazy! And those late night games the Bengals play every year, might as well call off work the next day if you’re watching from the UK because that game isn’t starting until midnight and ending at 3AM.

So here’s to you UK Bengals fans! When we can finally tailgate we’ll save the best tailgating spot for you and your crew of degenerates. And the first pint inside Paul Brown stadium is on us!

GIF via Gifer (LINK)

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